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Where to begin, now that’s the question. How about, with a question, since that breaks the rules and satisfies my sometimes rebellious nature- “when did you consciously decide to walk your path?” Yep, that’s it- my simple question….

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Aren’t the natural laws, ironic, with all of our evolution as a race, we’re not so different from fruit as even human beings , most at least- have a time of maturing. For me, deciding to embrace the path that has always been there, waiting like a patient lover was in part timing, in part inspiration but mostly an acceptance of a challenge- “to be the best version of myself in this life”. Oddly enough I’m surrounded by artists, yogis, photographers, rappers, designers,singers, painters , poets- New Yorkers but I just didn’t think I had the luxury of their lifestyle. I had REAL work to do, my bills arrive on the 1st- sound familiar?

In meditation, I used to say, well God/Goddess I would have preferred a memo instead of scars but sometimes you need a few scars to drive the point home. To overcome your fears or at least make peace with them as you set them aside, in their proper place. I have found that the road fear is the gatekeeper of, usually leads to your path. Face your fears and you end up walking right into- wonderful.

The intuition is a gift, a reflection of our connection to the source. A gift that should be honored but in a time when the modern person has relinquished control of their time for the illusion of “insert goal here” -or simply put freedom. One needs to accept that many things are often not what they appear.

Why does western culture celebrate the success of artists but very few celebrate the artist’s journey? In my mind, metaphorically an artist is anyone who commits to a path of excellent and efficient use of their talents. There are so many interesting treasures hidden within lives well lived but in a time where yes, even Kim K has her place, there are also unsung savants in your field of interest who deserve gratitude for cultivating the energy of the muse.

One of my many muses is Shiva Rea, I chose to earn my yoga certification at Samudra, her program not because she’s a famous yogini but because she’s a creative and the vehicle that incited my home practice. Wait, I feel a shift in the atmposhere, yes- she’s famous but she’s famous for excellence, commitment and craft in a totally non-Kim Kardashian way. So, maybe its the energy of excellence that attracts and can’t we all cultivate that no matter our backgrounds? So, again I ask, “when did you consciously decide to walk your path?”

Much like the long walk by the water that I took with a friend the other day, I am taking it easy, beginning right where I am and enjoying the experience. Who am I? I am creative energy ever evolving, I am a modern yogini, a lover, a fighter, a savant of sorts, a fire keeper, a soul sister, a sponge but mostly importantly- your reflection.


Nayeli Njuzu, is the creator of http://www.whatissuitetabu.com and in this moment a writer, who lives in New York with her great dane Shanti.


“I’m going to climb over that anger wall of yours one of these days and its going to be glorious”
– from the movie, the other guys….

On Being

I can’t go back to yesterday–because I was a different person then. –Lewis Carroll

Mandala Love: any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe; used chiefly in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation.Sanskrit: मण्डल ”” “essence” + “having” or “containing”, also translates as “circle-circumference” or “completion.” I am complete….wishing you the same.

After my work out this morning, planning to try PM, fluid flow yoga today, I felt the need to go for a solo walk by the water. I live one block away from “said body of energy” and I felt a release during the walk. By the time I arrived at home I was filled with gratitude. I realize now that everything is as it should be. All the pain, the sweat, the tears were a catalyst to get me to this point. Now, to work on my ego as next time there is a lesson in the building to be learned I’d much rather a memo ……but that would mean I’d have to be in a different state of openness 🙂

I see me and love her. Now that’s a first….

Be a rebel, spread LOVE today….


I returned to the spirit of “kriya yoga” today, at least active in terms, being present in the practice as a serious spiritual discipline. I have been avoiding a certain dvd as it has memories for me. I once practiced with “said person who shattered my heart” and could not bring myself to do this specific practice alone but I DID IT!

It felt different, the series which used to be a challenge now feels easy, with one asana exception. I realize that I am different but eager to discover how. The 42 minutes flew by, the familiarity with the asanas felt good and I’m glad to put yet another piece of that hurt behind me in order to embrace the now (a.k.a the practice I so enjoy).

I find it ironic that my favorite yoga dvd, a guided practice lead by Shiva Rea is entitled “Yoga Shakti.” If you’re anything like me, you’re a seeker and I just adore what I’ve found. Yesterday I learned what Shakti represents- the devine feminine energy- the focus of my niyama…. okay so I’m not the brightest rose in the garden but I’m getting brighter baby 🙂

I wonder….. how often the answers are right there in front of us, our paths just beckoning to us to walk it. I am beginning to see that over coming fear and emotional attachments to “baggage” will be the focus of my journey- at least at this point. I believe that the very things we seek to correct in others are issues we need to address ourselves- but the ego is a tricky companion….lol

As always be a rebel….create your own “now”

365: A soul sister’s niyama journey…..

Day One

I am both nervous and excited as I write….today begins my niyama journey. I have committed to my path,all that it entails and will begin a lifestyle that embraces Ashtanga, sadhana and is centered on creative evolution. This has been an interesting year a death, a rebirth and a redesign have been its gifts.

I am healing as I recently had my heart shattered, I am creating due to a deepened sensitivity to our world and as a vegetarian, I am cooking with compassion. This morning, after meditation I realized that my subconscious had asserted itself and that I had stopped cooking for myself. Course corrected. Punishment perhaps for my past mistakes, I know now that I must love myself before I can handle the type of external love that I am destined for- hence its absence. Let that sit, this revelation caused me to center my meditation on forgiveness, how often do we abuse ourselves? Often and its time to stop.

I am a survivor, an artist, a student, a seeker, a warrior spirit and delighted to share my journey with you. I hope as time passes that I “hear from” and “virtually meet” more experienced yogis who are of generous spirit. I would appreciate all pointers on developing my personal practice.

Here’s some inspiration for the day, sending you light & love.

Be a Rebel….


Hri: remorse, being modest and showing shame for misdeeds;
Santosha: contentment; being satisfied with the resources at hand – therefore not desiring more;
Dana: giving, without thought of reward;
Astikya: faith, believing firmly in the teacher, the teachings and the path to enlightenment;
Ishvarapujana: worship of the Lord, the cultivation of devotion through daily worship and meditation, the return to the source;
Siddhanta shravana: scriptural listening, studying the teachings and listening to the wise of one’s lineage;
Mati: cognition, developing a spiritual will and intellect with the guru’s guidance;
Vrata: sacred vows, fulfilling religious vows, rules and observances faithfully;
Japa: recitation, chanting mantras daily;
Tapas: the endurance of the opposites; hunger and thirst, heat and cold, standing and sitting etc.
In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Niyamas are the second limb of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga.
They are found in the Sadhana Pada Verse 32 as:
Shaucha: in the traditional codification, this item is listed under Yamas; this word means purity.
Santosha: contentment.
Tapas: austerity.
Svādhyāya: self-study or study of spiritual scriptures.
Ishvarapranidhana: self-surrender.